Art Classes

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Art Classes

Carol is a highly qualified and experienced art teacher. She is currently offering a variety of painting and drawing classes. She is a firm believer in ‘The Primacy of Drawing’. This means that your painting is only as good as your drawing. So, she recommends that you work on your drawing first. Then, move gradually into painting. Her art classes are designed to develop drawing skills using a variety of drawing techniques. The following drawing techniques and skills are covered in her classes.

Drawing techniques:

  1. Charcoal
  2. Pencil
  3. Ink and wash
  4. Pencil and watercolour
  5. Ink and watercolour
  6. Oil pastel
  7. Soft pastel
  8. i-pad drawing

 Drawing skills:

  • Creative ways to use drawing materials and different types of paper.
  • Be inspired by drawings of contemporary and historically famous artists.
  • Creating interest by varying composition.
  • Approaches to perspective in drawing.
  • Ways to use colour in drawing.

Subject matter:

  • Figure
  • Portrait
  • Still life
  • Landscape

Classes are conducted in the relaxing bushland setting of Carol’s studio in Frenchs Forest, Sydney. Please register your interest by filling in the contact sheet. Carol will then suggest a class to suit your needs.


 Fill in the contact sheet and Carol will contact you to help set your creative goals in motion!