Carol Neville Artist

Carol Neville Artist

Carol Neville Artist

Carol Neville Artist welcomes you to her website! She is a Sydney based artist specialising in landscape oil painting, drawing, and photography. And her favourite subject matter is landscapes both at home and abroad.

Carol likes to paint large landscape oil paintings that evoke the feeling of walking in nature. Her subject matter is constantly fed by her favourite activity – bush and trail walking!

Visit Carol’s Gallery to see a selection of artworks.

Art classes

Carol likes to go sketch walking both in Australia and Europe. So she has designed art classes as preparation for sketch walks. If you would like to become a sketch walker join one of her Art Classes in the Forest in Sydney. This will equip you with the basic sketching and painting skills needed for sketch walking. So don’t miss out! Go to Contact and register your interest.

Via Francigena

In addition to being an artist, Carol has a company Via Francigena Tours which provides both guided and self-guided tours on the  Via Francigena pilgrim route from Canterbury to Rome. This pilgrimage takes you on an amazing journey through so much art, history and culture. In 2021 we are offering a variety of sketch walk tours along the Via Francigena. So, if you would like to join us on a European sketch walk tour go to Contact.