Watercolour Landscapes

Carol’s Cottage beginner’s watercolour classes are designed as an introduction to colour in art works. We explore many aspects of colour including warm and cool shades, the three primaries and how they mix to produce secondary colours. Watercolour painting is a powerful to experiment with colour mixing. So, here is an outline of the plans for each week.

  1. Experimenting with warm and cool colours for the primaries red, yellow and blue. Techniques include graduated washes, wet in wet, dropping in colour and textured effects for painting rocks and seascapes.
  2. Variegated washes, glazing and shadows in gardens.
  3. Preserving white in watercolour using masking fluid, or scratching techniques with a focus on foreground.
  4. Mixing greens for the variety of greens in vegetation.
  5. Wax resist, masking take and overlaid washes for painting forests.
  6. Wax resist and scrataching for painting streams and waterfalls.
  7. Brushmarks and hard and soft edges when painting gardens.
  8. Brushmarks and hard and soft edges for painting pathways.