Orvieto Duomo is an Umbrian highlight!

Orvieto is a stunning hill top town in Umbria, Italy. At its pinnacle is Orvieto Duomo, a brilliant example of Italian Gothic architecture dating from 1290 AD. The fa├žade is constructed to enhance the illusion of soaring into the heavens! It is embellished with a dazzling, colourful array of sculptures, mosaics, bas-reliefs, and an ornate rose window. Within the the Duomo heavy Romanesque style black and while pillars dominate the large space. And, the alabaster windows glow in multiple shades of golden-brown. The walls are adorned with frescoes by Luca Signorelli who is said to have inspired Michelangelo. In addition, there are remains of more ancient frescoes. So, here are some glimpses of this amazing place!

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