Romainmôtier Abbey

Romainmôtier Abbey is the oldest Romanesque Abbey still being used as a Reform Church in Switzerland. I first became aware of it because it is one of the cultural highlights when travelling the Swiss Via Francigena pilgrim route.  When I was staying in Lausanne, on Lac Leman, I took a 30 minute train trip to visit the Abbey.  But, I accidentally got off the train at Arnex-sur-Orbe, one stop early.  So, I decided to use Google Maps on my phone, and walk to the Abbey.  I had the Swiss country side all to my self and became immersed in the golden fields, green pastures, and snow clad Jura alps in the distance.  

Romainmotier Abbey

Although it was still winter in Switzerland, it was very hot walking for two hours through the Swiss countryside.  But, the blue dot on my Google Map faithfully led me to Romainmôtier Abbey.  

When travelling the Via Francigena, I always manage to get lost in labyrinths.  And, here is one in the garden of a man who helped me find the right path to the Abbey.  Then, as I headed round the bend in the path, the Abbey was finally in view!

Entering the Abbey grounds I was so pleased to see a tea room, I failed to notice the beauty of the orange building.  The orange building used to the residence of the Prior!

Romainmotier Abbey
Romainmotier Priory


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